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Professionalism mixed with understanding

We realize that the legal system can be confusing and frustrating to those unfamiliar. We strive to provide superior customer service in terms of responsiveness, explanation, and understanding. Our goal is to provide the best possible outcome for our client’s while keeping in mind the reality that most clients lack unlimited resources.

Real Estate

Our firm handles real estate issues generally in an attempt to provide all services the property owner may need including closings, buyer and seller representation, evictions, quiet title actions, in addition to other areas.


Often the necessity for probate is discovered while a real estate transaction is pending. Our firm specializes in keeping real estate transactions from falling apart. We do this by providing realistic timelines, acting as quickly as possible, and keeping all parties informed.


Unfortunately, our loved ones lose the ability to manage their affairs. Our firm seeks to guide clients through this process as efficiently and painlessly as possible.

Estate Planning

With today’s blended families it is essential to craft an estate plan in order to minimize the chaos that may result from avoiding this essential process. Our firm will guide you through this process and be there should changes occur or estates need to be managed.